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A Building Industry Website is a building industry website serving as a hub for the local cities and counties. You will find information and links to all the local elements of the building industry that will assist you in the development of residential, commercial, and industrial projects, both new construction and remodeling of existing buildings. Professionals and owner-builders can locate land and government information for their current or future development projects. is also a building industry portal for the state and national levels with information and links to government agencies related to the building industry, and providing information on all phases of current industry trends. is a website for anyone who has an interest in the development of their community, either by direct involvement through the development of their property or having an interest in how their community is being developed.

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Building Industry Elements

  • Professionals who provide expertise and services in all phases of real estate development including residential, commercial, and industrial properties. Services include permit consultants, architects, engineering consultants, environmental services, house designers, land and plan preparation, real estate services, general contractors, insurance and financing for projects.

  • Contractors that provide services in all phases of construction including new building projects and remodeling existing buildings. Subcontractors who specialize in specific construction trades and assist general contractors and owner-builders.

  • Building Materials Suppliers can be found in each county, with suppliers providing a large variety of construction materials used in all phases construction.

  • Free Land Listing Service for landowners and real estate agents to list their land parcels for sale. There are five zoning categories: agricultural, residential, multiple residential, commercial and industrial. The seller can provide in-depth information about their land parcel(s), and show pictures.

    To list your land, click Register and complete your free registration. Logon, select Add Land then start listing your land. Remember your logon name and password so you can edit your listings and add more land. Select Edit Profile to update your registration.

  • Building Products Directory has information and links to manufacturers and businesses that provide building products online used in all phases of construction, including surrounding improvements.

  • Government Development and Zoning Codes provides information and links to city and county agencies including their development and planning codes, and on their planning and building process.

  • Glossary of Words and Terms used in all elements of the building industry.

  • Community Resources is a multiple county community that has a Building Industry Directory of local community businesses who provide products and services to professionals and owner-builders. This is where you find information and links to the local building industry elements. The Community Resources is designed to have current information, with industry content continuously updated.

  • Industry Resources is our informational section for national industry elements including information on occupational descriptions of the professions and links to trade organizations, advanced education, job training, industry articles and federal government agencies. There is information on building industry trends, innovative technology, green housing, renewable power systems, national land use policies, building methods and more national industry elements.